Showcase your brand’s products and services.

Thousands of local government decision-makers will attend UNITE: A Digital Event and search for products and services that will help them solve organizational challenges, develop their leadership skills, advance their careers, and find inspiration to create a lasting impact on their community.


The ICMA Digital Exhibit Hall at UNITE is the focal point for attendees, the place that they come to for session breaks, the Solutions Tracks, the ICMA Pavilion, and more.

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To learn more about exhibiting at ICMA’s digital event, contact:

Exhibit Information: Kristy Wagner, 312-265-9667,

All other inquiries: Judy Brazel, 202-962-3503,

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Stand apart from other exhibitors, increase your visibility and exposure among key local government decision makers, and give your company a competitive advantage in the local government marketplace.  UNITE: A Digital Event is the best opportunity to sustain and grow your business and position yourself as a leader in the field.

For Sponsorship Information, contact:

Megan Sherman, 202-962-3697,

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Frequently Asked Questions

The safety and well-being of our members, exhibitors, sponsors, and partners are of utmost importance to us and with the spread of COVID-19 showing no signs of abating soon, we have made the decision to transform the 2020 ICMA Annual Conference, scheduled to be held in Toronto, Canada, September 23-26, into a digital event.

Yes, the digital experience will have an exhibit hall which will provide an array of booth options for exhibitors to customize their booth.

General exhibit information including cancellations:

Kristy Wagner
Phone: 312-265-9667

Now that ICMA is moving to a virtual platform, exhibitors have two options:

  1. Transfer all exhibit fees paid for the 2020 ICMA Annual Conference in Toronto to the new virtual experience.
  2. Cancel your 2020 ICMA Annual Conference Exhibit Booth, forego the opportunity to participate in the newly created Virtual Event, and receive a full refund on all exhibit fees paid.

Exhibit sales including the virtual event contact:

Scott Brewster
Phone: 312-265-9640

The current plan is to conduct the first series of the virtual event over the original dates of September 23-26.  On-demand content will be available until December 31, 2020.

Yes, there will be sponsorship opportunities with the virtual event. Please refer to the “Sponsorships” section on this page.

Contact Megan Sherman, ICMA’s Senior Manager of Conferences & Sponsorships at

There will be no limit on the number of companies.

No, currently ICMA’s policy is to not allow transferring funds from 2020 to the 2021 ICMA Annual Conference.  If you decide not to participate in the 2020 digital experience, all funds will be returned.

Exhibitors who decide not to participate in the virtual exhibit hall will not receive priority points for the 2020 ICMA Annual Conference (NOTE: This does NOT apply for ICMA Strategic Partners). Cumulative points remain in place for the 2021 ICMA Annual Conference.  Priority points will be removed for any exhibitor who does not participate for two consecutive years, and the priority point process will begin in the year the exhibitor returns to the ICMA Annual Conference.