Bettina Lee is the wellness coordinator at the city of Newport News, Virginia. Her session “Supporting Your Employees During A Crisis: Programs/Activities to Support Employees during the COVID-19 Pandemic” will be an on-demand session.

Check out our Q & A with Bettina Lee as she tells us more about what drove her to speak about this topic and what lessons she’s learned from the current times.

What is motivating you to present on this topic?

Bettina Lee: The health and wellness of our employees is crucial to the productivity and viability of an organization. We can’t success without them. Therefore, it is important to ensure they are supported both inside and outside of work, especially during a crisis.

What do you want the audience to take away?

Bettina Lee: I want the audience to rethink methods in which they currently support their employees’ health and wellness needs, and how they can incorporate more or other creative methods to support them. This will also help to improve overall employee engagement and productivity. People will usually be more loyal and yield higher results when you invest in them.

In your own words, what does this topic mean to you?

Bettina Lee: Health and wellness is very important to me. The phrase ‘health is wealth’ is not just a catchphrase, but rather the foundation of life. Most people want to live a long, healthy, and prosperous life. So, why not empower your employees to do so? By empowering your workforce, you empower your business. Moreover, helping people to become the best version of themselves gives you the best version of your organization. It is truly win-win.

Do you have any “lessons learned” on this topic?

Bettina Lee: Lessons learned from this topic are that people truly respond to similar circumstances in different ways. Therefore, it is important to meet people where they are and to have empathy. Try not to impose personal methods or reactions to a situation on others, because they may not have the same experience, resources, or ability to handle an issue the way others may be able to.

What to know about the city of Newport News:
  • Community Population (US Census): 177,082
  • Land area (in square miles): 119.6 mi²
  • Staff FTEs (full-time employee equivalents): 3,058
  • Website

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