ICMA has registered with the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) to provide Certification Maintenance (CM) credits. AICP members can earn CM credits for approved programs at the UNITE conference. A note within the session description indicates the number of AICP-CM credits that can be earned by attending these sessions.

Advancing Age-forward Communities

Enhancing Resilience and Racial Equity through Civic Capital 

How to Plan for Financial Resilience and Build a More Equitable City, Starting Today 

Zero Waste in 2020 – The Challenges and Opportunities 

Embedding Equity into the COVID-19 Resilience Framework 

A Public Communication and Engagement Strategy for Local Government with a Citizen as Partner, Deliberative Democracy, and Racial Equity Approach 

Best Practices to Form Partnerships with Your Military Installation 

Human Trafficking – What Local Governments Need to Know 

The New Opportunity Area: Your Kerbside and Sidewalks 

COVID-19 Small Business Impacts and Recovery: Fortifying Our Local Economic Base

AGILE Isn’t Just for IT Projects Any Longer – Learn How Boulder, CO Used Scrums and Sprints to Deliver Extraordinary Outcomes in their COVID-19 Business Recovery Approach 

Cities Closing Racial Income Wealth Gaps

New City Types for Improving Health and Equity: Understanding America’s  Cities 

A Brave Green World: Regulating the Cannabis Industry in a Safe, Responsible, and Prosperous Way 

Good Decisions Made Together: Essential Considerations for Meaningful Participation 

Tax Incremental Financing Best Practices

Business and Area Service Response and Recovery Planning for Secondary Cities

Climate Change Adaptation and Asset Management for Local Government Sustainability

Confronting Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery in Time of Crisis: Innovative Local Responses to a Global Problem

Corridors for Complete Communities: Austin’s Initiative to Deliver Transportation Improvements is Dedicated to Transforming our Key Roadways into Mobile, Connected, People Places

Creating More Resilient and Sustainable Communities through Parks and Recreation System Planning

Emergency Management – How to Include Citizens with Disabilities

How Resilience Thinking Has Guided the Solutions for a Flood Proof City in Denmark

ICMA University Micro Learning: Essential Knowledge for Leading Together- A New Model for Governing and Managing Your Community

Innovation in Advancing Community Health and Fighting COVID-19 Through an Unlikely Source: Wastewater

Opportunity Zones in a post-COVID-19 Socially Just World

Re-launching Public Engagement During Complicated Times

Success Strategies for Small Town Economic Development