It’s been a big week for UNITE.

We have officially added TWO additional days to the UNITE schedule. You read that correctly… we are now offering leadership and professional development as well as networking opportunities on Monday, September 21 and Tuesday, September 22. We are making it one big ICMA WEEK!

Here’s what the additional two days will include:

  • League of Women in Government Symposium with a featured speaker on Monday
  • More concurrent roundtables and breakout sessions
  • International Academy sessions
  • Networking groups/happy hours

Check out our schedule-at-a-glance for further details.

What’s Trending This Week

  • Did you know? UNITE registrants represent a wide range of career stages, locations, years in the profession, and more! Here’s a snapshot of who’s attending:
    • Top three career stages include: (1) Executive; (2) Mid-career; and (3) Early career professionals.
    • 57 students are registered for UNITE.
    • 127 registrants will be first time attendees of an ICMA Annual Conference.
    • Top states registered for UNITE includes: (1) Texas; (2) California; (3) Florida; (4) North Carolina; (5) Oregon.
    • Our international attendance is growing rapidly each day, with United Kingdom, Slovakia, and Portugal leading this week by number of registered attendees.

Sessions Designed With You in Mind

  • We know that your schedule during UNITE won’t look like a typical “Conference day” – so we’re designing the schedule to best fit your new norm and location with convenient times.
  • Plan for:
    • 100+ sessions scheduled throughout the week – both live and on-demand.
    • Keynote, featured and trailblazer speakers focused on critical topics to the local government profession.
    • Engaging networking opportunities (fun announcements to be made soon!)
  • We are adding sessions daily to our sneak peek page – check out the latest here.
  • Miss a session? Your registration for UNITE includes on-demand access to content after the event ends until December 31, 2020.

Featured Session of the Week

Excellence in Local Government: Where Are We Now? … And … How Can We Get There?

“What’s the best organization you’ve ever been in?”   “Why was it so good?”  

“What was done to build it . . . and to sustain it?”

This “mini workshop” designed for UNITE provides a very brief touch on the concept of organizational excellence and the eight-piece framework used to assess your organization and guide your journey.

In brief terms, the framework explores organizational strategy and culture and the interaction between them.  The workshop will start with a quick exercise to awaken your passion to  “take the journey to excellence”.  We’ll then have an introduction to each of the eight pieces of the puzzle framework.  We’ll close by discussing those local governments that participants believe represent and model excellence.

Session Leader: Jeff Parks from Performance Breakthroughs.


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